8 Colors Nano Spray LED Light Facial Mask


Light Function

-Red Light(635nm Deep into skin 1-6mm)
Deep repair&Increase skin elasticity.

-Green Light(560nm Deep into skin 0.5-2mm)
Lighten spots&Calms the skin.

-Blue Light(415nm Deep into skin 1mm)
Inhibit bacteria&Remove acne.

-Violet(UV) + Calcium Supplementation
Enhance skin immunity,repairing acne,penetrate deep skin,Supplement vitamin D to promote Ca+ absorption

-Red+Green Light(Deep into skin 1-2mm)
Improve wrinkles&Increase immunity.

-Red+Blue Light(Deep into skin 1-2mm)
Remove acne and pockmark.

-Blue+Green Light
Deep metabolism&Oil control.

-Red+Blue+Green light
Decomposition stain spot& Improve fine lines.