9 Colors LED Light MicroMist Hair


Unique Ultrasonic Atomizationtechnology: efficiently hydrate and
nourish your hair and skin.
hair streamer produce a warm or cool nano-mist by double ultrasonic atomizers at high-frequency. 1–3μm nano-mist can reach deeply into the hair scales and skin pores.
Warm nano-mist
Swells the hair scale and enhances the treatment agents permeate deeply into the hair;

Warm nano-mist
Close the hair scale, the treatment agents and nutriments are locked deeply into the hair.

Ozone: for scalp care and hair dye
-Scalp Care: disinfects the hair and scalp, helping to limit allergic reactions due to cosmetic treatments. In this way, it prevent hair from lossing and help regrowth.
-Hair Dye: It’s oxidizing action is natural, offering unique color “hold” and technical treatment acceleration.

Green light: Whitening and fading spots, relieve pressure and tension.

Red light: Promote the metabolism and nutrient absorption of scalp.

Blue light: Disinfection and sterilization, effectively improve and inhibit excessive hair grease secretion. It is good relief to variety of damaged hair and sensitive skin.