9 In 1 Hydra Facial Machine Skin Diamond


9 In 1 Hydra Facial Machine Skin Diamond Dermabrasion H2O2 Water Oxygen Jet Peel Vacuum Face Cleaning Hydro Beauty Device|Skin Beauty Cleansing Facial Bubble Machine
Adopts advanced technology, make the purified water into hydrogen and oxygen ions water, produce H2 molecules on the surface of the skin, so that the water molecule can quickly penetrate the dermis to achieve the effect of skin cleaning and rejuvenation!
Different handle for solving a variety of skin problems, make your skin tender and beautiful.
Hydrogen oxygen is a kind of alkaline water, has improved effect on acne and oily skin.
Application: Dispelling blackheads, removing acne, excess cutin, improving skin tone, moisturizing and hydrating, increasing skin elasticity, etc.
Touch screen operation panel is more convenient and accurate to use, safe and healthy.
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