Wagner Inc is one of the main producers and sole owner of the registered brand name “Wagner”, which produces a full range of tattoo colors for the sake of tattoo artists.

After years of experience, consulting with the tattoo artists, and meeting all of the guidelines and specifications, we brought some of the most authentic tattoo ink that exists today.

Our company has put a lot of time and effort into manufacturing our #1 brand “Wagner Colors”, which has brought to us a big reputation worldwide over the recent years and still growing. We are very knowledgeable and expert about the tattoo supplies and tattoo inks we sell because our firm understands and take cares about the customers we talk to everyday.

Why Wagner tattoo?

Wagner Inc proudly brings to you the best and prestigious tattoo inks in the industry.

This is our mission to ensure you are getting the best tattoo supplies for your customers.

A great pigment, quality assurance, and industry met standard regulation’s are what these tattoo ink brands are all about giving you the trust you need and the best experience for your clients. With over 19 colors and shades of tattoo ink to choose from, Wagner will carry whatever you may need to attain your work of art.