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Permanent Makeup Micropigmentation Machine

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permanent makeup or micropigmentation service as microblading ombré brows, lips contour & shading, eyeliner tattoo, cosmetic tattoo or scalp Micropigmentation.

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine:

  1. Variable Power Adjustment For Fast And Slow Settings.
  2. Can Use For Eyebrow , Eyeliner, Lip Permanent Makeup ; Also Some Tattoo Design.
  3. Large Power Frequency Conversion, High Speed, Low Noise, Color Fast.
  4. All Parts Of This Machine Used Aseptic Packaging Sterilization, Achieved The World Health Standard.
  5. Machine Fuselage Use Disposable Sterile Design, Pigment To Prevent The Return Of Effectively Isolate The Virus To Prevent Cross-Infection Of The Bacteria.
  6. Long Service Life.


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