Wagner Hair Therapy Device


Wagner Hair Therapy Device, Hair Follicle Analyser Machine, with 5 Handles, for Hair Detection, Electrotherapy Function, Scalding Damage, Itchy Scalp, Micro-spot Combing.

5 Diagnosis Hair Tools:Detection head, spray gun, brain comb, high frequency, meridian brush convenient for beauty professionals to use, and can be used with a variety of products.

Stimulate Hair Follicles : Micro-electric massage scalp tissue, dredge blocked hair follicles, promote scalp tissue, blood circulation, balance scalp secretion, stimulate hair follicle cells to produce new hair.

Adjust The Ph Value Of Hair: play the role of hair growth, anti-fall, repair, electrotherapy comb can adjust the oil secretion of the head, Improve hair quality, strengthen the firmness, density and elasticity of the hair itself.

Promote Scalp Nutrition Absorption: evenly spray the nutritional essence in the form of mist, and spray it evenly on the scalp. Because the molecular weight of the atomized gas generated is small, it is easy to be absorbed by the scalp.

Massage Function:Soft brush vibrating massage, stimulates meridian points on the head, enhances the function of dermal papilla and the vitality of melanocytes.


Those with head or scalp injury or inflammation are forbidden to use.
Those who use hairspray or other haircutting products are prohibited from using it.
Do not use when the hair is wet (at least 80% dry)
When adjusting the intensity, be careful not to adjust it too much at one time, so as not to cause discomfort
Before use, pay attention to whether the rated voltage is consistent with the local voltage.
When using, the high-voltage output port of the electrotherapy rod should not be too close to the scalp, so as not to stimulate the scalp by current.
When replacing the electrotherapy tube, please turn off the power first.
When inserting the glass tube, do not use too much force to avoid the broken glass tube and damage to the fingers.
After use, adjust the output intensity adjustment knob to the minimum, so as not to cause inconvenience in the next use.