Wagner Rotary Tattoo Pen


The Wagner Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine is a newly designed high quality tattoo machine, which uses a 8V-9000 rpm Motor.

The Pen pushes the machine with less energy loss, stable voltage, high speed, strong hit, Ultra Quiet, lightweight, low temperature, and shows a spectacular performance.

Wagner Rotary Pen has the ability to adjust needle depth with just a twist on the pen.

The type of needles used for the wagner Rotary Pen are the cartridges for easy needle changing.


Great for Lining And Shading
Highly Efficient , Scientific Handle Design
Materials: Aluminum Alloy ,LightWeight ,Low Noise
Weight : 4,8 oz about 136 g
Operating Voltage: 7- 12 volt DC
RPM Range Stiches Sec: 8V-9000 rpm ,Min 8-900/sec
Stroke Length: 3mm
Needle Protusion: 0-3.5 mm up/Down (adjustment)
Ultra Quiet 45 decibels