Wagner Hydrafacial


7-in-1 multifunction skin rejuvenation device to boost nutrition deep in the skin and speed up absorption. Tighten the chin line to reduce eye bags, dark circles and fine lines on the eyes
Remove skin cutin, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin, Cool massage head helps to shrink pores,brighten skin color
Replenishment enough water for the skin’s stratum corneum cells. Soften the pores of semi-cured sebum, clear the sebum metabolism of the tubing,keep the pores clean

7 Color LED Mask / LED Face Mask Light Therapy
Photon Skin Rejuvenation Illuminating Mask
Through The Illumination of The Colorful Light Source, It can Play A Variety of Effects on Skin Care and Repair, Light Wave Physiotherapy, Whitening Ideal Skin, and A New Experience Of Deep and Uniform Skin Care

Main Effect
Using Our Small Bubble Beauty Machine 7-color Facial Mask Can Effectively Improve The Skin, Remove Acne And Repair Skin, Leave No Pigment, Shrink Pores, Tighten Skin, Diminish Wrinkles, Lift And Tighten

Suggestions for Use
Before You Use It, Please Clean Your Face with Clean Water and Wait For The Water to Dry Naturally. It Can be Used with A Mask. The Recommended Time is 15-30 Minutes. Choose Different Light Colors According to Personal Needs.