Wagner Hydra Corrnet Machine


10 In 1 Wagner Hydra Corrnet Machine Portable Oxygen Jet Aqua Peeling Facial Blackhead Removal Facial Cleaning Hydro Microdermabrasion Machine

Advantages :

1.remove grease, inhibit acne inflammation.

2.remove free radicals, harmful oxygen, yellow, whitening.

Remove stains and kill bacteria.
Clean up the bacteria and impurities blocked in the hair follicles.
Clean up heavy metals, remove radiation, and metabolize lead and mercury.
6, remove the damage caused by mites on the skin.

clean the pores of toxins, dust and car exhaust.
clean the skin cosmetics residue.
Open the pipeline and let the active ingredients fully absorb.
improve skin elasticity, enhance skin resistance! Promote the absorption of cosmetics.
that combines the efficacy , vacuum system and new Aqua Fuse hydration system. It is a lot gentler than crystal or diamond dermabrasion as only water is used, and we use professional quality machines.The main advantage of such hydra dermabrasion machines lies in than it is much gentle by using only water, and enables treatment diversification by using with skin care products for different functions like essential oil, whitening products, lacticacid,salicylic acid and more, to achieve various aims on customers’ request.

Product technology

features with gas bubble pen oxygen facial machine:

1.Ultrasonic for eye

2.Ultrasonic for face

3.BIO Rediofrequency

4.beauty Skin scrubber

5.Hot Cold hammer

6.Hydrogen handle

7.Oxygen sprayer

8.Magic Paw

9.Girl Line

10.Bubble Pen